The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn

Of all the things you could ever learn in life none is greater than this. There is but one God and we call Him the Father. His name is YHWH and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. Here’s what the Bible says about the God of Israel and His Christ.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He did it alone and the angels shouted for joy when they saw the universe unfolding right before their eyes (Job 38). God made it clear that creation was His work and said, “There is no God beside me.”

God Formed Adam From Dust

When earth was perfected God formed Adam from dust and breathed life into him. God saw it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone so He made Eve for him and they lived together in holy innocence until the day they rebelled against God. Foolish Eve was deceived by Satan and foolish Adam was willing to follow her lead. Together they willfully disobeyed one of God’s clear commands and as a result were banished from the Garden of Eden. We’ve all suffered ever since. They were driven out of the garden and a flaming sword was placed at the entrance to block them from the Tree of Life. They lost their chance at immortality… then death stepped on the scene.

The Messiah Who Was to Come

As the years went on Adam’s descendants filled the earth with violence. Eventually God was so sorry He had made man that He decided to wipe out humanity with a flood. Only Noah’s family survived. In course of time God spoke to one of Noah’s descendants named Abraham. Because of Abraham’s faith God pledged to give him a beautiful land and promised that someday one of Abraham’s descendants would be the world’s Savior. The Messiah who was to come would set the world right again and somehow God would bring us to our high destiny of eternal life. God’s chosen people would truly become a nation of kings and priests and God Himself would lead us back to the Tree of Life!

The Rebellion That Started in Eden

Abraham’s descendants eventually became the nation of Israel… and like all the people who ever lived before them they also messed things up. The Israelites knew all about God’s promises to Abraham and were quite proud of their unique spiritual inheritance. They carefully observed and enforced their religious traditions but their hearts were far from God. They became hardened by pride and although they thought they were holy and right with God they weren’t. The rebellion that started in Eden had taken root and was alive and well in Israel.

The Promised Messiah Was Born

And then the Promised Messiah was born! God had made a promise to Abraham and never forgot it. At long last the promised Messiah stepped on the scene! By His sacrifice He would put down Eden’s ancient rebellion and lead His people back to the Tree of Life. The curse of death would be lifted and immortality would become possible!

Continued in Part II

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