Our Mission: Revealing A Clear Vision Of God

What a magnificent revelation of God we have in the visions, dreams, songs, poems and teachings of the Bible! It is a beautiful and stirring revelation... not a dry academic lecture.  The message of God and His beloved Son Jesus Christ is beautiful to see and it's meant to be clearly understood.

It is our joy to share what we have seen with you! This devotional video called Adoration displays many of the names and titles of  God and Christ without commentary. Its musical background is called “Per Mio Primo Genitu “ (For My First Born) and we trust it is going to bless you.  Take a few minutes to watch and listen and you'll see what we mean.


WEBMASTER'S WARNING:  This website contains thoughts and ideas that may be disturbing to some readers. If you continue reading God may rock your boat when you least expect it!  Divine guidance is strongly encouraged. With that in mind… welcome aboard and please be sure to maintain a good grip on scripture.