The Bible is a work of Divine artistry! It paints the revelation of God in songs and poems, visions and dreams and the Words of God Himself. On its pages you'll find the glorious message of One God and the saving revelation of Jesus Christ. These are beautiful truths that God wants you to understand. Our mission here at Wonderful Theology is to proclaim a clear and Biblical vision of God. There be wonderful things here! Keep reading and see for yourself.
WEBMASTER'S WARNING:  This website contains ancient thoughts and Biblical teachings that will ring in your ears for years to come. Once you have heard them you will never be able to unring this bell.

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These are written that you may believe... John 20:31

Let's Excommunicate Dullness!

Want to learn a little church history without getting bored? Visit our companion website and enjoy the official account of the Theology Allstars Reunion held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Emperor Constantine and all the ancient Church Fathers were brought back to life for this delightful event! PS: We even have some really interesting articles from our very own philosopher!