Who’s on First?

Is God One What and Three Who’s?

We ask the question (or make the statement) Who and What is God because religious experts and trinitarian scholars tell us that God is “one what and three who’s“. One What seems like a strange way to talk about God and now we can’t help but wonder about the meaning of One What. Does this odd language reveal anything Biblical or true about God? If God is a divine WHAT should we speak of divinity as IT rather than Him? Surely this would help us worship WHAT and pray to IT using better grammar. When we say “Who is God” are we asking a question or making a statement? I hope all this is clear, but if not, just watch the classic Abbott and Costello routine called “Who’s on First” and you will understand. The Trinity is comedy of the highest order!

The Holy One of Israel

Trinitarian thinking is like being in a house of mirrors at a carnival sideshow where nothing appears normal. Mirrors and words can both distort reality and make things look other than they really are. Should we get rid of the idea that God is The Holy One of Israel and say instead that God is The Holy What of Israel? If God is a Holy What  should we even use the word “what” in normal conversation anymore since it no longer means what it used to mean? Trinitarian theology can sure get confusing. Thank goodness we have theologians and scholars to help us find our way!

One What and Three Who’s Made Clear

A dialogue between a scholarly theologian and a new disciple.

Theologian: Do you have any questions?

Disciple: Just one. Can you tell me about God?

Theologian:  Of course. God is one WHAT and three WHO’S.

Disciple:  One WHAT?

Theologian:  Yes! That’s right. God is one WHAT.                                                          

Disciple:  Hey! Wait a minute! What are you talking about?

Theologian:  I’m talking about God is WHAT. That’s WHAT I’m talking about!

Disciple:  WHAT do you mean?

Theologian:  I think you’ve got IT!

Disciple: Got WHAT?                                                                                                       

Theologian:  Got God!  The One WHAT that is three WHO’S. That’s WHAT! Now you know WHO and WHAT is God. With a little more study you could be a real know IT all!

Disciple: I just want to know WHO God is. WHAT is the most important thing?

Theologian: Once again you are exactly right! I couldn’t have said IT better. It sounds like you know WHAT is WHAT and that matters more than anything. Just remember God is one WHAT and three WHO’S.

Disciple:  I don’t think you’re helping me. This is nonsense. I’m getting a headache! Theologian: Yes, this can sound like nonsense but WHAT  doesn’t?

Disciple:  You’re crazy! I don’t think you really know anything about God.

Theologian: WHO knows!


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